Monday, April 24, 2017

Eurofighter Version 1.06 Released!

I forgot to "sign" the Tacpack files for multiplayer anti-cheating in the1.05-1.06 update to the Eurofighter... as result, if the server has anti-cheat enabled, you will be kicked out of the session. Please download the signed files (that must go into the main Eurofighter folder) from the side bar, if you want to use the updated Typhoon in multiplayer. Sorry for the inconvenience.


A rainy Sunday is a good day for some "housekeeping" of my projects... so I have released a small update to the Eurofighter project which hopefully solves some of the problems detected in these first two weeks of deployment. There are still some issues to be solved, but given that my time for the Eurofighter in the next few weeks will be very limited, I decided to release it today.

You should receive an email notification from your distributor of choice that the installer has been updated to version 1.05. This is a full install that will overwrite all the existing files, so if you have installed additional repaints you may want to make a copy of your aircraft.cfg first. Changes are as follows:

Product updated to version 1.06
- Fixed bug that made the elevon movement to be reversed
- Furtherly reduced excursion of canard motion

Product updated to version 1.05
- Improvements to flight control animations
- Improvements to flight model stability in certain conditions
- Fixed bug which prevented external fuel tanks from being replenished in the configurator
- Fixed bug which prevented external fuel tanks from being replenished in in-flight refuel under Tacpack
- Fixed bug in TRK autopilot function
- Fixed bug in STA4 pylon visibility condition
- Adjusted position of guided bomb hanging from pylons
- Changed "Ready for Takeoff" condition so that Avionic Master is now set to ON
- Added missing white navigation light
- Fixed several bugs preventing correct frequency-to-channel Tacan conversion
- Fixed bug that made ZOOM IN/ZOOM OUT key functionality to be inverted in LDP controls
- Fixed minor bug in FUEL format

Friday, April 14, 2017

Roadmap for 2017-18 (Spoiler...more trainers!)

So... with the Eurofighter out of the door, it is time for me to think what to do next.
Well, in reality of course I have been planning and making some reseach for my new projects for several months...and here are my current thoughts.


I have been (slowly) rebuilding the source files for the cockpit, in order to create a new, official update to to the F-35 package. The update will be free for existing customers.
It will gather all the changes released through patches on this blog, and will also take advantage of some of the things I have learned and experimented with for the Typhoon (for one, better readability of the MFD and HMD, and improvements to the cockpit interface). I was trying to release this by the end of the month, but I am not sure I can make it. Here is how it looks like right now:


I have also been working to fix the bugs and make some improbements to the Eurofighter package I released 10 days ago. Actually I have already a patch that will fix some of the issues in the current release, but I am waiting another week or so just to make sure that there no other high priority issues arise from the much larger user base (by the 10 days on SimMarket the number of copies of the Typhoon sold has already surpassed the F-35 ones... which tells a lot about the popularity of FSX vs P3D, and of the Typhoon vs the Lightning)... The update will be released as a full installer in a couple of weeks.


This is a small jet trainer, I have been working on for quite a while. After the ransomware attack I wanted a fresh start with a simple project (before deciding to resume the Typhoon) and since a privately owned S.211 is at the local airport I decided to do this. This project looks really good - although I realize that most people don't know this aicraft and may be a little puzzled by the unpopular choice. The extenal model is almost done, while I have dozens of great pictures of the cockpit taken at the local airport - so I believe this may be the best looking cockpit I have done to date (and possibly the most realistic aircraft I have made so far)...


I have been seriously considering the T-50A, too. It is totally doable and would look great, and makes a lot of sense as an F-35-trainer... problem is that cockpit documentation is scarce, and there are not good pictures of it (especially for the side panels)


Feasibility for this project looks good but not great...I am postponing it to 2018.


It is no mistery that I am playing with both AeroFly FS2 and X-Plane 11. They both have their own limitations, and, all in all, the FSX/P3D SDK is still way more flexible (at least for the 3D modeling and animation) than these two new platforms.
Still, I am considering to port the MB-326 and the T-45 to both platforms, and eventually the F-35A. But do not expect fully functional VC in neither.

Other projects I have been thinking about (or actually playing with):

T-45C GOSHAWK IMPROVEMENTS - There are some potential improvements which may not require the source files...

F-14 VERSION 3.0 - You really think I was not doing anything on the mighty feline? I am thinkering with improvements and new meshes... but I am not convinced it is the right way to go.

NEW MILITARY AVATARS PACKAGE: new models, with higher resolution meshes and mocap animations... this would look cool, but it is also relatively expensive to make (and sales of the current Avatar package are really low)

S-3 AI TANKER - I'll do it, sooner or later!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Repaint Templates for Eurofighter Typhoon

As some of you are aware of, the Typhoon paintkit was lost in the ransomware attack I suffered from last year. So, in case you want to repaint the Typhoon, the closest thing I can provide you with is the set of uncompressed templates which are the ones I used to create the liveries.

Each texture is stored in a PSD file which contains the following layers (bottom to top):
- Blank texture with mockup color
- Generic UK texture
- Generic Italian texture
- Generic German texture
- Generic Spanish texture
- A "Mechanical Details" layer which contains the texture for the mechanical parts and details (these should not usually be repainted - exception being the refuel caps which are either dark grey or red).
- An "Usually Not Painted" layer which has all the details that usually do not have paint (e.g.radar radome)
. An Ambient Occlusion layer.

Color reference is as follows:

German Luftwaffe - FS35237 (this has a slight blueish tint to it)
UK Royal Air Force - BS381c-626 (aka Camouflage Grey or "Barley Grey")
Italian Air Force - FS36280 (Approximately - has also been quoted as FS36492)
Spanish Air Force - FS36231
Austrian Air Force - FS36492 (the same as the Spanish Air Force)
Royal Saudi Air Force - Two-tone camouflage - overall BS381c-626 with FS35237 on top

(taken from this very complete post: )

Download link is HERE

Friday, April 7, 2017

Impressions on X-Plane 11

The worst thing of being a flight simulation developer (well...apart from the sleep deprivation) is that you do not have much time to look and play with other people's creations.... there are literally dozens of aircrafts and add-ons that I'd really love to test, but I do not have the time. Let alone testing a completely new simulator.
So, I took a little break after the Typhoon release and had a look a X-Plane 11 while I am trying to decide what is better to do next... and here are my impressions. Please remind that this is X-Plane 11 Vanilla... no add-ons used.

Flight modeling
X-Plane series has always been famous for its flight modeling... basically, the flight model is derived from the "shape" of the aicraft, rather than numbers and parameters like in FSX/P3D. In some sense this is a much more elengant approach.
I do not know the intricacies of any of the stock aicrafts so well to tell "how good" they are - nor I have flown any of them for real... but the impression is that the all of the aircraft I tested had a very solid and realistic flight modeling. I have particularly appreciated the takeoff dynamics... for some reason I cannot explain they give you the best "takeoff run" feeling of any simulator I have ever tested. 

The graphic it engine is impressive.... with a couple of drawbacks. Let's start with the things I did not like: the sea/water rendering, the stock textures and the day lighting. The water looks "fake" and a little flat - P3Dv3 makes a much better job in that respect (although still fa away from what modern graphics can do). And day lighting seems washed out - again P3Dv3 is superior in that respect IMHO... and actually Aerofly FS2 is even better - actually much is the only one that manages to capture the intensity of a bright sunny day.
Stock textures are OK, better than FSX/P3D defaults (...not surprising as they are 10 years old!), but nothing to write home about.
And that's it for the not-so-great things...everything else is awesome.
The night lighting is miles above anything else - IT LOOKS REAL. And when you realize that even the cars in the streets have their own light source you marvel at this techical achievement.
Weather is also really good... and gives its best in the rendition of fog and low visibility conditions.
Another fantastic thing is the Autogen system. Much better, more flexible and more complete than FSX/P3D with an amazing level of detail (fantastic for helicopter flying!). By "flexible" I mean that it positions buildings and structures following the streets and the terrain features in a much more consistent and realistic way than FSX/P3D. Awesome job - with a minor note: the buildings look a litte tall, and there are not that many trees in italian cities and towns.

Graphics performance
I would say it is very good to excellent. Sure, you I do not get the 200+ frames per second I get from AFS2, but if you consider how much is happening on the screen it is amazing. Sure, if you max out the sliders my old 3770k at 3.9GHz and the GTX1080 struggle to keep a smooth flight, but in general the performance is better than FSX/P3D in similar conditions.

Stock Aircrafts
Stock aicrafts are good, not great. The selection is OK and includes some planes specifically rebuilt for XP11, and some from previous versions. Considering only the XP11 aircrafts, they are good... I'd say they are great but the modeling and texturing (coupled with the "washed out" daylight rendering) makes it so that they do not look as good as stock AFS2 aicrafts. Still, they are way better than FSX stock aicrafts. In terms of systems and flight modeling they are really good for being stock aicrafts.   

Stock Scenery
EXTREMELY complete. Right out of the digital box you have the whole world, but the vectors and landclass definitions are much better than the stock FSX/P3D database - and they basically have a similar level of detail as ORBX Global Vector. Also, the default airports are much more detailed than in FSX and in general the stock scenery is way better. Still... the stock textures are good but not the best I have ever seen, and while the autogen is extremely detailed, some of its buildings look a little out of place (at least in Italy...but that is always the case in any simulator!).  

Weather graphical rendition varies from very good (cloud transitions) to excellent (fog). The effects in the aicrafts are just right - but my real life experience of flying in bad weather was really too short to judge.

Frankly the least impressive part of the package... it is not bad, but on my system it sounds OK but not great (maybe I am too much used to third party sound packages in FSX). Still, no complaints here.

Long story short:

  • It is the most realistic and complete flight simulator you can buy for your home computer.
  • Night environment and lighting is absolutely superb.
  • Astonishing level of detail and scalability of the autogen system
  • Good stock aicrafts and extremely complete base scenery
  • Daylight rendering looks a little washed out
  • Water rendering is not great
  • does not have the same add-ons as FSX ;-)!
Final remarks:
If you are looking for a complete, serious and realistic simulation (and you have a modern, relatively powerful computer) - right now X-Plane 11 is probably the best thing you can buy.
Out of the box it is a solid, complete package that will give you hundreds of flying hours and fun.
You have to consider, however, that FSX/P3D add-ons availability is unbeatable...and new versions of P3D and Flight Simulator are likely to arrive in the near future. Also, P3Dv3 does a couple of things better than X-Plane 11 IMHO.
Aerofly Fight Simulator 2 has its own merits too - but at the current status of its development it is not as complete as the other contenders. Still has the best daylight rendering, the best aicraft models (graphically speaking) and delivers a conving Virtual Reality experience (which P3Dv3 and XP11 do not do with FlyInside). 

The night lighting is FANTASTIC - by far the best I have ever seen in a home flight simulation.

Cloud transitioning in a MD-82 - Weather rendition is very good to excellent. Cockpits are in general very detailed (but do not look as good as the ones in AF2).

Day lighting is not as bright as it should be. This is one of the few things I don7t like about XP11.

The Autogen system places houses and buildings following steets, highways and geographical features and delivers a convincing (but a little "fake"-looking) rendition. Vector database is excellent.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Eurofighter Typhoon v1.00

Version 1.00 of the Eurofighter Typhoon has been released to distribution! At the moment the file is only available at SimMarket, but other distributors will have it online soon. Thank you all for your continued support!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


During the development of my new project, the Eurofighter Typhoon, some issues with the F-35 have been identified. Most notably, an issue with V3.20 and V3.21 caused the A-A missile seekers not to work as intended if slaved to a radar track.
This patch should solve the issue as a temporary fix, and bring some other minor improvements.
I have a middle-term plan to release an official update to the installer, which will bring also new features - but in the meantime you may want to install this patch.

Version 3.23
- Fixed a bug that prevented A-A missiles to work correctly in radar-slaved mode
- Fixed a bug in reporting FAB fuel quantities
- Increased in-flight refuel rate
- Changed visibiliy condition of landing light (light turns off when gear is retracted)
- Fixed a bug which prevented IFF Mode 4 automatic activation

As usual the update can be downloaded from the side bar, or by clicking HERE

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Eurofighter Beta Test - List of Known Issues

This post contains a list of the known bugs or missing features in the latest Eurofighter Typhoon test build, as well as the latest version of the product manual. The product manual can be downloaded by anyone, and it is also meant as a preview of the Eurofighter simulation functionalities.
Beta testers are kindly requested to review this list of known bugs or shortcomings before reporting a new bug. Please be aware that the simulated Eurofighter differs in a number of ways from the real thing. Several controls and functions have been simplified or deleted, therefore a discrepancy from the real life procedures and operations may not be a bug but rather a design decision. The product manual serves also as a guide on how the simulated aicraft is intended to be operated and what functions are available and what not. Please read the manual fist.

The product manual can be downloaded by clicking HERE (UPDATED, 107 PAGES - tentatively good for release).

Bugs, request for changes and potential improvements in the list below are color coded as follows:

RED - High priority change - this is can be considered a major defect by most users. All "Red" issues must be addressed or mitigated before the product release.

YELLOW - Medium priority change - some users may perceive these issues as a significant product defect. All "Yellow" issues should be addressed or mitigated before the product release.
GREEN - Low priority change - a very limited number of users may perceive this as a product defect. These issues shall be documented and dealt with if possible.
BLUE - Suggestions for changes, additions or improvements.

Last build: BETA 1-bis BUILD 13/03/2017 (limited distribution)
List updated on: 26/03/2017
Manual version: PreBeta 2 05/03/2017 (93 pages)

The flight model has been developed by Roy Holmes - as the Typhoon performance figures are still classified, there is a lot of guesstimation in it - but rest assured that every single number has been carefully considered!

FM01 - Drag chute - While it is possible to deploy the drag chute, its effects are almost non-existent. Plan is to simulate it via the FSX flap controls
FM02 - Verify effectiveness of speed brake. SOLVED -> Roy fixed relevant code 07/03
FM03 - Coupled yaw during high-g high-speed turns.  -> SOLVED with new air file from Roy 08/03
FM04 - No G-limiter or Carefree Handling (this is a known issue - we have not implemented one in the simulation as we had no sound implementation)
FM05 - Potential improvement on takeoff/Landing figures in progress (vRAF/Roy). -> New flight model from Roy 28/03

I believe the external visual model is relatively accurate. There are three visible mistakes to the trained eye: the nose cone is slightly less "circular" than the real one, the wing in reality is more twisted and the airbrake hinge is round in reality, while it has sharp edges on the borders in my model. I have tried to correct these, but most come from the original mesh I've started with...and fixing them created more issues than we'll have to live with them.

EXT01 - FCS overreacts at AoA when the aircraft is still on the ground (animation only). FIXED on internal build 09/03
EXT02 - Landing gear stem animation has a weird angle during extension and retraction. -> SOLVED in the internal build. Gear animation sequence redone.
EXT03 - Minor light leakage on fueleage openings nearby the cockpit (not really much visible, but noticable in VR pre-flight inspection). -> Partial solution applied. Minor gaps due to mesh disalignment...difficult to recover. Create "gap filler" geometry so that the issue is not that visible anymore. 07/03
EXT04 - Light leakage in the main Landing gear pivot -> Fixed 3D model in internal build. 07/03
EXT05 - Request to smoothen the radar radome -> Minor tweak to radar radome geometry... not a big improvement, but still.... 07/03
EXT06 - Canards should be linked to speedbrake only on the ground -> SOLVED in internal build. Fixed animation code. 07/03 -> UPDATE 11/03...turns out from that it may not be true either. Canards are Always independent from speedbrake activation. FIXED
EXT07 - Landing Lights do not illuminate the ground -> SOLVED in internal build 07/03
EXT08  - Landing/Taxi light visible when gear is up -> Made it so that taxi/Landing lights are turned off if gear is up.
EXT09 - Request to revise inner pylons geometry. -> Fixed in internal build 10/03
EXT10 - Slats to deploy only depending on AoA -> Fixed in internal build 12/03

EXT11 - Request to improve the pointiness of the radome -> Attempt done...not sure if it looks really better, but still...11/03 - Changed radome shape in Beta1bis 15/03
EXT12 - Nose wheel does not rotate -> Fixed in internal build 10/03
EXT13 - Request to implement red anticollision
EXT14 - Fix squadron logo for german repaint -> Done 15/03
EXT15 - Create Spanish aicraft livery -> Done 15/03
EXT16 - Evaluate creation of Austrian livery
EXT17 - Evaluate creation of Saudi Arabia livery
EXT18 - Better color matching of pilot uniforms
EXT19 - Improve Brimstone Textures-> Done 23/03

Note that the VC is though to be "Cold and Dark" compatible. When the aicraft starts on the ground, several switches/avionics will be turned off. When it starts in the air, most (but not all) of the key switches will be set to ON.
Note also that clicking on the rear view mirrors in P3Dv3 will make them become reflective. Clicking on the stick will make it disappear. To make it appear again, click on the bolts of the pedestal.

VC01 - NAV/TAC soft key selection missing from the HSI page -> Fixed in build 24/03
VC02 - HUD Declutter can be improved -> Fixed in build 24/03
VC03 - Allow Aircraft refuel when on the ground through the FUEL page -> Implemented in build of 23/03
VC04 - Allow Weapons configuration from the STOR page when on the ground -> Implemented in build of 23/03
VC05 - Emergency IFF controls don't work -> FIXED 23/03
VC06 - Initialization and "ready for takeoff" conditions must be perfected -> Improved 23/03 
VC07 - Park brake switch activates Smokewinders when on the ground (it is meant to work only in the air). -> SOLVED in internal build. Smoke system behaves as intended now: smoke is either trigged by the VRS Trigger or by the Brakes control if not on the ground.
VC08 - Fuel flow indications not working -> SOLVED in internal build. Typo on MFD3 code. 06/03
VC09 - HUD still reports the IAS -> SOLVED, replaced with equivalent airspeed. 08/03
VC10 - Make ladder non-retractable without weight-on-wheels. Ladder now auto-retracts with weight off wheels. 23/03
VC11 - Check mouse areas alignment on some buttons

VC12 - Some buttons can be operated only once? Need investigation - Likely to be the same issue as VC15
VC13 - IRST/FLIR button graphic is shifted when activating IRST -> SOLVED on current build 10/03
VC14 - Reversionary instruments panel is improperly labeled "Missile Launch Button" - Fixed in the internal build
VC15 - Request to Always confirm selections with ENTER key on DEK - FIXED on build 11/03, also, many improvements and bug fixes to DEK.
VC16 - Request to code proper RAD1 / RAD 2 switchology (at least for the battery gangbar) - RAD1 switch now works as Avionics Master and turns on the radios. RAD 2 switch acts as "Receive both" switch. PTT selector now allows selection of either RAD1 and RAD2.

VC17 - Canopy open/close button is in an incorrect position (but no clear photo available of the actual location) - Remodeled area. Fixed 10/03
VC18 - MASS positions are reversed (ARM should be outward) - Fixed in the internal build 09/08
VC19 - Check RADALT against the flight manual

VC20 - Transonic warning at 0.97 M not at 0.99 - Fixed in the internal build 09/08
VC21 - 5000ft voice warning is not present in current Eurofighter versions. - Removed from build 24/03
VC22 - Reflex of anticollision lights red (why not white)?
VC23 - Request to add countdown
VC24 - Cannot get back to the root menu once selected one item in CHKLST mode - Checked, current implementation seems correct. By deselecting the SEL button, the page reverts back to main menu.
VC25 - Check autopilot functionality
VC26 - Transponder mode A has no 0 digit - Fixed, graphical issue only. 10/03
VC27 - Some mouse areas cause a FSX crash (only one report on FSX-SE so far) - evaluating replacement of 2D Mouse Areas with 3D. FIXED - the applied fix seems to work.
VC28 - A/S and XMIT caps not lit  -> Solved on current build 09/03
VC29 - Pedestal panel to lit -> Solved on current build 09/03
VC30 - NVE switch can cause CTD on FSX:SE on some installations -> SOLVED on current build 09/03
VC31 - Barometric pressure change to show only for 5 secs (currently 10) -> SOLVED on current build 10/03
VC32 - Cannot add a new WP until Direct-to route is present
VC33 - AT not operational

VC34 - Request to add scroll system for Low Height
VC35 - Flickering Speedbrake animation from VC - Fixed, animation glitch. 10/03
VC36 - Pitot tube icing - Fixed, pitot tube Always on. 15/03
VC37 - Master Starter switch has incorrect animation _ Changed animation sequence 29/03.
VC38 - Check Velocity Vector diamond behavior

VC39 - FUEL page has some flaws. Center tank should only display if external tank is mounted, refuel probe icon is incorrect. SOLVED - Fixed in current build,
VC40 - HSI compass rose to appear over map view, if map is invoked (note: the current rendition is correct for early T1 software releases)

VC41 - Add ZOOM+/ZOOM- functions to PA format - FIXED on 26/03
VC42 - Slow Refuel rate (need to be redone on F-35 too) - FIXED - Greatly increased fuel transfer rate.
VC43 - ATTACK format does not return to VS once format is changed. - FIXED on 26/03
VC44 - LASER ACTIVE crossairs missing from LDP page. - FIXED 15/03
VC45 - Laser designation was not selectable by the user as intedend - FIXED 15/03
VC46 - HSI HDG bug not properly centered - FIXED 23/03
VC47 - Taxi/Landing light switch position is reversed - FIXED 24/03
VC48 - TFLIR Image shows even if gimbal limited or masked - FIXED 28/03
VC49 - Implement selective jettison/tank jettison/emergency jettison - IMPLEMENTED 27/03

Note that as for many European aircrafts, there are two safety switches that need to be "ON" before releasing a weapon. The Master Armament Safety Switch (MASS knob on the right console, three positions: SAFE, STANDBY and ARM) is controlled either in the VC or by pressing control+alt+A. The Late Arm Safe safety is on the stick, and can be operated by either clicking the button in the VC or with control+A.

TP01 - Laser Guided Bombs may fail to hit the target in some circumstances. Root cause not identified yet. -> Minor bug apparently fixed. LGBs seem to hit target now. Reports from testers that buddy-lasing seems to work.

TP02 - Meteor does not follow targets. Identified major bug in Tacpack code, A/S system tried to load GPS coordinates on any seeker including missiles. Hence the missile seeker dropped the radar track slaved mode. It affected all the missiles. Potentially affects also the latest F-35 release. SOLVED on current build 10/03.
TP03 - Flare dispensing direction is incorrect. Fixed in the current model 16/03
TP04 - Request to add Brimstone. Added 23/03
TP05 - Storm Shadow fins should be retracted. Fixed in the current model 10/03.
TP06 - Request to make STA5-6 and 8-9 independent.
TP07 - Request to add data cartridge functionality
TP08 - Check DASS system (apparently display not working in RMHHD)

TP09 - Radar detection range is currently linked to A-A missile selected. Request to change it. Implemented 26/03

Another great job by Serge Luzin!

SND01 - Request to improve the switch sounds -> Implemented alternate switch sounds.
SND02 - Fuel Boost Pump Switch have default noisy sounds. Request to change them.

Misc01 - External tanks and CFTs are not replenished in the configurator
Misc02 - CFTs cannot be unloaded in the configurator -> SOLVED in internal build. Reworked configurator code. Loads can now be deselected individually. 07/03
Misc03 - Manual is still missing some images and weapon information
Misc04 - Configuration file was missing the descriptions. -> SOLVED in the internal build.Misc05 - GBU-10 non deselectable in configurator -> SOLVED in the current internal build